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CFDA Scholarship Project                         January 2018-March 2018                         Los Angeles, CA

The late 70's has been deemed one of the most dangerous era's in New York City's history- a  borough-wide black-out, a serial killer running rampant, and the arson epidemic that burned the South Bronx to the ground. While landlords set their properties ablaze in poverty riddled neighborhoods to collect insurance money, across town in Manhattan, disco was alive and grooving through clubs in the city. The stark contrast of the two environments illuminates the extravagance of the party-elite and the disparity of the working class, a common theme we witness in America everyday. 


The merging of these two concepts highlights the idea of destroyed beauty. There is allure in the glitter and glamour of disco clubs as well as in the rubble and ashes of community, for reconstruction can only be formed from deconstruction. 

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